Website Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

YAMABISHI Corporation recognizes that all personal information provided by you, our customers and clients through their business with us must be handled and protected with the utmost care. Therefore, we will follow the basic policy stated below to fulfill its responsibility:

  • In handling any personal information, YAMABISHI Corporation pledges to fully comply with the Private Information Protection Law, other relevant laws and regulations, and pursuant to practices in this respect that are generally accepted as fair and reasonable. Further, we will continuously endeavors to improve handlng such personal information.
  • YAMABISHI Corporation will continuously update and revise rules and management systems for handling and protection of personal information and ensure compliance by its employees with such rules and systems.
  • YAMABISHI Corporation will use personal information only to the extent and for the purposes specified, which will be announced or noticed to the persons to whom the information pertains.
  • YAMABISHI Corporation will take necessary measures to properly manage and protect personal information to prevent it from being leaked, lost, and falsified.

Purposes of Use of Personal information

YAMABISHI Corporation may lawfully use personal information only as needed for its business performance according to its business purposes to the extent that it may require:

  • To inform and provide its products and services;
  • To respond to enquiries by the individual.

Disclosure to Third Party

YAMABISHI Corporation will not disclose personal information to any third party except for use of personal information within the following cases:

  • When person’s approval is granted beforehand;
  • When the disclosure is required by applicable laws and ordinances. Also, we may disclose your personal information to respond to subpoenas, and court orders;

Suspension of Use and Elimination

You may request to cease the use or eliminate personal information. If such a request is made, YAMABISHI Corporation requires that your proof of identity should be provided. we will cease the use or eliminate your personal information in possession of us to a reasonable extent and in a reasonable period of time.
Please note that if part or all of your personal information becomes unavailable to us, we may not be able to provide satisfying service. Your kind understanding and cooperation will be appreciated. (There may be cases that we are not able to answer your request to suspend our use of or to delete the personal information, if the personal information were managed in accordance with the related laws and regulations.)